La primera plataforma descentralizada de juego en la nube rentable para todos.

For miners rent out your hardware.
For gamers powerful gaming hardware with fair per hour cost.

Why mining crypto currency is less profitable than joining us?

Joining Playkey:
income $50- $80/month*
Mining ETH:
* The income depends on the total amount of time users spend gaming on your hardware **according to data

The way it works

get paid for renting out their computer
get to play the best games on low-end PCs and Macs
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What hardware can be connected to the Playkey network?
System Requirements:
  • A stand-alone PC
  • Minimal hardware requirements:
    • - CPU: 6 cores 2.9 GHz
    • - Disk space: 480 Gb, SSD or HDD >= 9600 rpm
    • - RAM: 16 Gb
    • - GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1070+ (AMD is not supported)
  • An 8 Gb flash drive for the initial unfolding
  • Wired 50 Mb/s or faster Internet connection
  • DMI dummy plug or a connected HDMI display.