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What is the Playkey decentralized cloud-based gaming platform?

Playkey is a game-virtualization service dedicated to providing gamers around the world with the resources of a distributed network of powerful home computers (“miners”). The service is aimed at owners of old or low-powered PCs that can not run state-of-the-art games.

With this service, owners of weak PCs, laptops, and MacBooks (and in the future smartphones and smart TVs!) can play modern games on their own devices. The games themselves run “in the cloud” on the hardware of the miners.

What’s the point of bringing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into Playkey’s service?

Costs for gaming hardware are growing year by year. Games are becoming ever more demanding. And it makes sense that cloud services keep getting more popular. In the future, these services may run into an acute shortage of space on servers for all those who want to participate. Now Playkey is renting hundreds of servers from hosting providers. There aren’t many servers with GPU and they cost a lot, so we lease them.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Playkey give fantastic opportunities for scaling, decentralization, and an accelerated transition of gaming to the cloud. Users will get the chance to independently create more and more cloud servers, as well as a reliable method of making deals between the seller and the buyer, based on smart contracts and excluding intermediaries.

P2P technology will allow owners of high-performance video cards to earn more money than from cryptocurrency mining, while allowing gamers to play their favorite games anywhere on any device connected to the Internet, for a small fee.

On what platform is the crowdfunding campaign being done?

The crowdfunding campaign is being conducted as an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). PKT tokens are being issued on the blockchain platform Ethereum ( using the ERC20 standard.

How can I participate in the ICO?

The ICO will take place from the 1st through the 30th of November 2017. Those participating in the ICO need to send the necessary amount of Ethereum (1 PKT = 0.004 ETH) to the Playkey cryptocurrency wallet

A detailed description is given in the Instruction for ICO participation

How much money is needed for the ICO to take place?

There is no minimum threshold. A total of 100,000,000 PKT will be issued. Unsold tokens will be destroyed.

How and when will it be possible to sell PKT tokens bought through the ICO?

PKT tokens can be sold after the ICO concludes and the tokens are placed on cryptocurrency exchanges. (The list of exchanges will be given later.) Also, PKT tokens can be used to purchase Playkey game time, or game keys after a decentralized version of Playkey is created.

Can I buy additional PKT tokens after the conclusion of the ICO?

After the ICO it will be possible to buy tokens only on the secondary market — they will circulate on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

What is “bounty”?

Bounty is basically a referral-marketing campaign. For certain marketing and informational activities, participants receive PKT tokens for free. For example, you can get tokens for joining a Facebook group and reposting links to a bounty page in the corresponding language (the accounts must also meet certain conditions).

For more information, see our thread on BitcoinTalk (

When will I be able to test a decentralized version of Playkey?

Closed testing will be conducted around early 2018, and open testing in the second quarter of 2018.

Requests for participation in the testing are already being taken:

How soon after the ICO will the project open up to players and miners?

The planned launch time is 6 months after the end of the ICO.

What use is this to a miner, if he already has a powerful PC and can play top-of-the-line games on his computer? What he can spend tokens on, if he does offer his computing power for rent?

The miner will be able to sell the earned tokens on an exchange in return for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money (real money). He will also be able to spend the tokens to purchase Playkey game keys.

I have a powerful computer. How much can I earn as a miner through your system?

A miner’s income will depend on several factors. First, the amount depends on the computer: The more powerful it is, the more value it offers. Users are willing to pay more for such a computer.

Secondly, the price will be determined by the market. A miner posts his price, and if there is user demand, then the miner will earn based on the specified price and the number of users playing on it. To precisely predict the amount now is very difficult.

With the current service, you can apply the following calculations: 1 hour of gaming on ultra settings (GTX 1080) costs $1. Assuming that the server will be busy 12 out of 24 hours, the revenue after deducting the commission will come to about $10 per day. At the same time, there is still the opportunity to do the old kind of mining when users are not playing, and thus to receive additional income. So in any case the income will be higher than from the usual sort of mining.

Why does a miner pay 25% to the Playkey Foundation?

The Playkey Foundation will organize the work of the community of miners, refine the platform, and advertise the service and the miners’ servers.

By what scheme are the revenues distributed among all participating miners?

A miner’s income is determined by the terms of the smart contract with a specific user. So the more users play on a miner’s computer, the higher his income. A user will be able to select a miner on his own and conclude a smart contract with him on individual terms, or enable the option of automatically searching for a miner by key parameters, first of all by distance from the user and connection quality.

How and at what exchange rate is fiat money exchanged into tokens when the user buys a subscription? Will a miner be able to accept funds in fiat money?

The price for the service will be shown also in the user’s normal fiat currency (rubles, dollars, etc.). During a payment for the service, fiat money will automatically be converted on the exchange into PKT tokens at the rate on that exchange (without user involvement). These tokens can then be used as payment for the service. This system creates the token’s liquidity on the exchange and shows the demand for it. A miner can only accept payment in PKT tokens, which can then be sold on the exchange.

Why will the token increase in value?

The price for the PKT will be determined by the market, depending on demand for the service and on the supply of tokens. Since the issuance of tokens is limited (the supply), as the number of users of the service increases (the demand), the price for the PKT will also increase.

High demand is expected for the decentralized Playkey platform, because the decentralization of cloud-based games is beneficial to both miners and gamers. Miners will be able to receive additional income, while gamers will be able to play first-rate games on any device connected to the Internet, for a small fee. In addition, the decentralized version of Playkey will solve one of the main problems of cloud-based gaming, a high ping rate to the servers. Playkey’s P2P technology will give users the opportunity to create more and more cloud servers themselves.

Where does the miner download games and how are the keys activated?

Playkey provides a list of games supported by the application, and of their installation files. A miner decides which games he wants to rent out on his computer, and installs them. Or he selects automatic mode, whereby Playkey autonomously analyzes demand and manages the games on his computer to maximize his profit and, accordingly, that of the service.

Game keys are purchased by users and they are activated the same way in games, the only difference being that the game is launched at the miner’s computer. Keys can be purchased either on the Playkey website or in any other way at the discretion of the player.

Are there plans to make the software open-source, since some people think that open-source solutions develop faster and more efficiently?

Part of the software related to blockchain technology will be open, but the current version of the Playkey product will be closed, because this is specified in the shareholder agreement with the current venture-capital fund, which is a shareholder. However, the current version of the Playkey product can be open if the current investors agree to it.

How will the problem of delayed transaction confirmation between a player and a miner be solved?

There are plans to develop an “internal” second-level blockchain for instant transaction confirmation, with subsequent confirmation in the “common” blockchain. In this case, the risks of non-confirmation of a transaction (of the player using the service for free) would go to the Playkey Foundation.

We will also watch for new solutions to this problem appearing on the market, since the problem is shared by all projects that use blockchain technologies.

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