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Smart solution for cryptocurrency fans. Convenient platform for miners to rent out their hardware. Easy way to play-on-demand on the powerful gaming rigs for gamers.
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Playkey DevLog. Issue Twelve
20 apr 2018
How Playkey is Implementing Video Game Subscription Payments Using Tokens
13 apr 2018
Welcome to the AMA with the Playkey CEO Egor Gurjev (April 12, 2018)
12 apr 2018
Playkey DevLog. Issue Eleven
6 apr 2018
How to use and not worry about your computer specs
2 apr 2018
Playkey DevLog. Issue Ten
23 mar 2018
What Playkey is doing in 2018
22 mar 2018
Playkey Founder Egor Gurjev to Appear at GDC 2018 in San Francisco
21 mar 2018
Playkey DevLog. Week Nine
16 mar 2018
Playkey DevLog. Week Eight
7 mar 2018
Why is Germany a Profitable Market for Cloud-Based Gaming?
7 mar 2018
Playkey DevLog. Week Seven
2 mar 2018
Playkey DevLog. Week Six
22 feb 2018
LIVE Q&A with Playkey CEO Egor Gurjev at 5 p.m. UTC of Wednesday, 21st of February
20 feb 2018
Playkey DevLog. Week Five
16 feb 2018
PKT is now listed on HitBTC and available for trading
15 feb 2018
How South Korean Gamers Get Online and Why They Need Blockchain
13 feb 2018
Playkey DevLog. Week Four
9 feb 2018
When partnering with ICO service firms is worth it
6 feb 2018
Playkey Developer Log. Week Three
2 feb 2018
Playkey Developer Log. Week Two
26 jan 2018
Why Mac users can help cloud-based gaming conquer the world
26 jan 2018
Playkey Developer Log. Week One
19 jan 2018
Before Doing an ICO, Make Sure It’s Worth It
15 dec 2017
How to Create a Smart Contract for an ICO and Not Lose Your Mind
5 dec 2017
November ICOs: Who to Keep Watching, and Who Has Dropped Out
28 nov 2017
Why It’s Worthwhile to Invest in Tokens for the Long Term
23 nov 2017
Three main difficulties in organizing ICO marketing (and how to overcome them)
22 nov 2017
How to solve the top three problems in organizing the road show before ICO
15 nov 2017
How to communicate with investors when you go to ICO
13 nov 2017
Everyone boasts about the size of ICO receipts, but this is not the main thing
7 nov 2017
For an Investor after the ICO: How to Choose an Exchange for Those New Tokens
3 nov 2017
Everyone says that they will switch to Blockchain. However no one says what will happen then
30 oct 2017
How Can I Start Mining Without Putting Together a Farm of My Own?
23 oct 2017
How Mining with Playkey Can Help You Earn a Tesla
19 oct 2017
Who is Playkey? Experts in Software Development, Blockchain Technology, Cryptography, and Video Games
18 oct 2017
How to spot an ICO Scam
13 oct 2017
The Playkey Team Won a Place in the Accelerator Startup Sauna. Why That’s Cool
12 oct 2017
Game market and Game gear market: it is even more than it would seem. But how can you benefit?
3 oct 2017
Blockchain Meets Cloud Gaming Industry In a Brand New Ecosystem
25 aug 2017
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What is the decentralized platform?

Cloud Gaming is the future

2.2 billion
gamers in the world

NEWZOO Global Games Market Report 2017
Game Streaming is the Future

$109 billion gaming industry volume

NEWZOO Global Games Market Report 2017


81% of gamers
can’t play new PC games

Old PC
Based on Steam statistics of users hardware, comparing with Dishonored 2 requirements

We have the

Abstract Abstract

Decentralized Cloud
Gaming is the
next big thing

Abstract Abstract


  • Playkey video streaming development begins
  • The cloud-based gaming service launches
  • expanded in Europe and UK with 2.5M users
  • ICO Pre-Sale
  • PKT ICO and Blockchain Integration
  • The first cryptocurrency exchanges are entered
  • Planning the architecture of a decentralized system
2018 Q1
  • Starting to develop a decentralized system: the first architectural components, code-review of the current structure with an eye toward future decentralization
  • Support for videocards based on Nvidia GTX
2018 Q2
  • Developing a decentralized system: host (server) control elements, the first testing client on Playkey’s own servers
  • Prepping for the launch of a centralized platform in South Korea and the USA
  • Adding payment in tokens for subscription to the current centralized platform
2018 Q3
  • Developing a decentralized system: testing miner support in the ecosystem (alfa-version)
  • Developing a smart-contract for interactions between users of the Playkey ecosystem
  • Launching a centralized platform in South Korea
2018 Q4
  • Improving the alfa-version of a decentralized system, launching personal mining accounts, inclusion of gamers and miners in the ecosystem (beta-version)
  • Launching a centralized platform in the USA
  • Launching a final-release version of the decentralized Playkey gaming platform


Egor Gurjev
Egor Gurjev
Co-founder, CEO of Playkey
Alexey Lykov
Alexey Lykov
Co-founder, CTO
Vadim Andreev
Vadim Andreev
Co-founder, Director of Game Strategy
Roman Epishin
Roman Epishin
Marketing Director
Maksim Kudymov
Maksim Kudymov
Product Manager
Vladimir Shestakov
Vladimir Shestakov
Development Team Leader
Vladimir Kosov
Vladimir Kosov
Blockchain Smart-Contract Developer
Maksim Vladykin
Maksim Vladykin
Blockchain Smart-Contract Developer
Playkey Team



2 500 000 gamers


  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Moscow
  • London

$ 7 000 000

from VCs and
Business angels
4 Years of Development with 45 Professionals


Georgy Dobrodeev
Georgy Dobrodeev
Epic games
Marketing Director
Alexander Agapitov
Alexander Agapitov
Founder & CEO
Peter Zhalov
Peter Zhalov
Former VP Marketing & Advertising of, blockchain and eSports enthusiast
Reuben Godfrey
Reuben Godfrey
Co-Founder Blockchain
Association of Ireland
Arseniy Strizhenok
Arseniy Strizhenok
Co-founder and managing partner of and ICO advisor of LAToken.
Dillon Seo
Dillon Seo
CEO and Founder, VoleR Creative Co-founder, Oculus VR
Michael Kim
Michael Kim
CEO & Founder of CoinInside
Former executive of Blizzard, Wargaming and Havok
Miko Matsumura
Miko Matsumura
Pantera Capital LP and founder of Evercoin Exchange
David Carlson
David Carlson
Founder & CEO at GigaWatt,Inc
Albert Castellana
Albert Castellana
Blockchain & Innovation Specialist - NEM Foundation, Atraura Blockchain, COEINF

See you all over the world


Media about Playkey

Cloud-Gaming-Anbieter Playkey startet Dienst in Deutschland
26 mar 2018
Cloudbasierte Spieleplattform Playkey startet in Deutschland
21 mar 2018
Playkey: Die cloudbasierte Gaming-Plattform kommt nach Deutschland
20 mar 2018
The Entrepreneur Behind a Cryptocurrency Gaming Company With 3 Million Monthly Users
2 nov 2017
Playkey Incentivizes Gamers to Make Use of Their GPUs For Mining
30 oct 2017
Playkey, A Blockchain-Powered P2P Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform, Announces ICO
11 oct 2017
The Maturing Market of Cryptocurrency
6 mar 2018
Why gaming could be a ‘killer app’ for the blockchain
1 mar 2018
Гейминг «в облаках». Новые технологии в индустрии компьютерных игр
27 feb 2018
Meandering Mic with Egor Gurjev (Playkey)
21 feb 2018
Top 5 Blockchain Projects in Gaming
19 feb 2018
Blockchain is shaping the future of video gaming – here’s how
19 feb 2018
Blockchain: la tecnologia orizzontale che cambia l’entertainment
17 feb 2018
Cloud-Based Gaming to Be Launched in South Korea with Support of G-Core Labs and Playkey Platform
12 feb 2018
Egor Gurjev: Why Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the future of Gaming
8 feb 2018
The Four Biggest Uses of Blockchain and Which Companies Are Onboard
5 feb 2018
Investing in tokens – not just a game
5 feb 2018
Top 10 Cryptocurrencies
5 feb 2018
Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Technology – The Future Of Gaming
25 jan 2018
Playing the game: Investment opportunities via cryptocurrencies are real
25 jan 2018
A Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform Bypassing Computer Infrastructure Limitation for Gamers
22 jan 2018
Why Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Technology Is The Future Of The Gaming Industry
20 jan 2018
17 jan 2018
Какие стартапы взорвут рынок в 2018 году
14 dec 2017
Playkey Brings in $1 Million in Pre-Sale Campaign and Welcomes Dillon Seo as VR Advisor
19 oct 2017
UNCHARTED CAPITAL вложил $1 млн в токены российского сервиса Playkey
19 oct 2017
Meet the Boss – Exclusive Interview with Playkey CEO Egor Gurjev
19 oct 2017
Cloud-based start-up Playkey is democratizing gaming in Southeast Asia
10 oct 2017
9 oct 2017
ICO Focus: Interview With Egor Gurjev of PlayKey
9 oct 2017
Top 5 of 40 ICOs @ Blockchain Solutions Forum Barcelona
8 oct 2017
بتكنولوجيا البلوكشين منصة الألعاب على الحواسيب السحابية Playkey مدعومة
6 oct 2017
Обзор ICO проекта PlayKey — выгодная альтернатива для GPU майнеров
6 oct 2017
Let’s talk about Playkey: blockchain platform for gaming in the cloud
6 oct 2017
Review of PLAYKEY ICO – A breakthrough in gaming technology
6 oct 2017
Оценка LOW RISK рейтинг Playkey
5 oct 2017
Playkey: лидер в следующем поколении облачных игр
5 oct 2017
Slush Singapore Pitch Competition: World Domination Tour Finale
27 sep 2017
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